Fashionably late… always!

About a year ago I decided to blog. I pondered a blog name, searched for a photo,  planned my content and….well, and NOTHING! So here I am, a year or so later, living up to my motto: Better late than never. I was late to my own birth and at the rate that I am running, I will undoubtably be late for my own funeral and everything in between.

Who am I? Why me? What do I have to offer that is so important?

Well, “important” is definitely a matter of perspective and you will have to be the judge of that but hopefully for those amongst you that are interested in fashion, the arts, food and all things of aesthetic value, I will have something interesting to say.

I work in the fashion industry as a buyer, designer, consultant and retailer which results in a lot of travel. And a lot of travel always results in interesting experiences and exposure to fascinating things. My eyes are always wide open searching for things of beauty, which is what I hope to share here, along with a heavy dose of humor and a little insight in to my view of the fashion industry!

Just to add another curve ball to my perspective, I live in Bermuda. Growing up in this British colony with close ties and even closer proximity to the USA, means I have one foot in Europe and one foot in North America.  I feel great love for both sides of the “pond” and totally entitled to poke fun of both as well.

And finally, as a woman who is no longer in her twenties, definitely not a typical fashionista size 4 and interested in more than the big-chain, mass-produced, fast fashion brands written about by most bloggers, I decided to lend my voice to the fray and offer an alternative.

So here we go………hope you will join me!